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Les outils d'investigations
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Strategic information
And Competitive Challenge

ARAR-Investigations, is a reputable private investigation agency based in Africa precisely in Côte d'Ivoire.


With 18 years of experience in the field of industrial investigations, confidential information and the collection of information of great importance, the Agency allows its corporate clients and businessmen to develop their positioning strategies in the environment competitive; but also, to particular customers to solve private problems, and to ensure the protection of family or financial interests.

Our mission

Our primary mission is to provide assistance to companies and industrialists, individuals, businessmen, families, heirs, spouses, as well as anyone wishing to ensure the protection of their interests, by putting at their disposal a strategic watch and information of great importance, a fundamental guarantee of security. Missions carried out at the local, regional or international level, whether on behalf of government, state or private bodies, benefit from the same level of discretion, confidentiality and dedication.

Nos services

Our services


Criminal and civil investigations, as well as confidential information and the collection of information of great importance, are carried out on behalf of individuals, companies and companies from all sectors locally and internationally, or government and state agencies . The same level of discretion, confidentiality and dedication is given to every client, whether foreign or local.

Helping our customers operate in a hostile business environment is what we do best.

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ARAR-INVESTIGATIONS undertakes to strictly respect the confidentiality of the information, technical procedures and uses of which it becomes aware before, during and after the execution of the mission. (Art 7 and 8 of the professional charter of the private detective and Art E 8 of the National code of ethics of the private research agent)

The professional secrecy of the private detective is the keystone of a successful mission and the relationship of trust between the private detective and his client.


Thus, all verbal and written information, documents, exhibits and reports prepared by ARAR-INVESTIGATIONS will be solely confidential and specific to the client's needs.

Recognizing that our customers trust us to relieve sensitive information, all members of our team are required to comply with applicable privacy laws and standards, and we use strict security protocols to ensure the protection of the data we have. have. in our possession.

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