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Espionage actions are frequent and seriously harm industrial enterprises and the interests of individuals. The most common methods are eavesdropping, spy camera surveillance, using double agents, GPS tracking, etc.

ARAR-INVESTIGATIONS has the appropriate means to counter an action of espionage. They consist of:

• Internal company investigations against theft and misappropriation of intellectual property;

• Fraud detection and prevention;

• Infiltration in hostile environments;

• Detection of microphones and spy cameras;

• Detection of GPS beacons (vehicles);

• Trademark protection;

• Safety signage before and during the event, etc.


ARAR-INVESTIGATION invests in the strategic process of collecting, analyzing and disseminating useful economic and commercial information for informed decision-making. It aims to optimize the competitiveness of a company or a country by providing them with better knowledge of their economic environment.

The different actions of ARAR-INVESTIGATIONS include:

Business intelligence with business intelligence;

Competitive intelligence in order to anticipate actions and adapt the strategy;

Technology watch to stay at the forefront of innovation;

Strategic analysis for informed decision-making;

Outil d'intelligence économique

ARAR-INVESTIGATIONS intervenes in many areas related to private issues, particularly when the protection of family or financial interests requires it.

The various actions carried out in the context of private and family affairs are:

character surveys;

Investigations of adultery or marital infidelity;

Spinning and surveillance;

Heritage research;

Search for missing or missing persons

Address location

Protection of information with the implementation of measures to prevent the leakage of strategic information;

Economic diplomacy with the promotion of a country's economic interests based on international relations.

Crisis management: preparation for the management of economic or financial crises through planning and preventive organization.

ARAR-INVESTIGATIONS intervenes in various commercial investigations to enable its clients to process their commercial or industrial tribunal files. These include, among others:

Counterfeit investigation;

Unfair competition investigation;

Investigation for theft or embezzlement (of clients);

Investigation for sick leave, undeclared work

Reputation survey (Company and leaders)

Verification of identity and existence

Solvency investigation

Collection of information of high importance,

Financial investigations


By means of



ARAR-INVESTIGATIONS responds effectively to the needs of its corporate clients and helps to anticipate certain risks of economic failure: AUTHENTICATION OF CVS, DIPLOMAS AND CERTIFICATES; BACKGROUND CHECK AND DOCUMENT EXPERTISE


Service name


Criminal cases are generally handled by the public authorities, which do not skimp on material and human resources to provide the appropriate solutions and the resulting reparations. ARAR-Investigations, as a privileged partner of the State, participates in the fight against crime.

The Agency offers its services:

Murder or Homicide Investigations,

investigations for theft, fraud, fraud,

investigations for kidnapping, blackmail, scam and fraud, etc.


The Global Strategic Diagnosis or DGS is an appropriate response to the needs of any investor. It provides the latter with a sufficient level of knowledge of the company or the target company, thus enabling him to best secure his commitments.

Diagnostic global stratégique est une préférence pour sociétés et entreprises commerciales

The Global Strategic Diagnosis or DSG aims to analyze in depth the internal and external environment of a company to assess its strategic positioning and thus identify its strengths and weaknesses. Using this method, ARAR-INVESTIGATIONS determines market opportunities and threats, as well as company resources and skills.

ARAR-INVESTIGATIONS operates through:

Analysis of the company's external environment, such as competition, market trends, regulations and economic and political factors;

Analysis of the company's internal environment including its production capacities, finances, human resources and technologies;

  • SWOT analysis or identification of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the company;

  • Identify the company's strategic priorities to improve its positioning;

  • Develop an action plan including short and long term goals, marketing initiatives, product development plans, cost reduction plans, etc. ;

  • Monitoring and evaluation or tracking the implementation of the action plan.


One of the major services offered by ARAR-INVESTIGATIONS remains security planning.

This involves developing security measures to prevent potential threats and risks to a business or organization.

This planning may include physical security, IT security, risk management, crisis management and data protection procedures.

The different actions of security planning can include:

Risk identification, a step of identifying potential threats to the business or organization, such as acts of terrorism, cyberattacks, natural disasters, acts of vandalism, etc.

Risk assessment, another step of evaluating the likelihood and impact of each identified risk in order to put in place adequate security measures.

Development of a security plan, including emergency procedures, contingency plans, physical protection measures, IT security policies, etc.

The implementation of the security measures defined in the plan.

Training and awareness, which consists of training employees in security procedures and making the entire organization aware of the risks and the security measures to be taken.

Evaluation and updating: this step consists of regularly evaluating the security measures put in place and updating them according to new threats or changes in the company's environment.

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